I wanted to personally thank you and Mr. Jenkins (J.J.) for the recent ICRA training we attended in South Carolina through DKI Healthcare.


I have worked in the Restoration Industry for many years and have finished many projects within the ‘Healthcare Arena’ prior to your course. Honestly, I did not feel that there was much more that I could learn…  I was wrong!!!

Because of your course, I now have a better understanding of the amount of control needed, the attention to detail “small things” and the effects that we as Contractors must consider when working in this setting.

Very informative and beneficial to our business and our team. Thank you!!


I have attended many classes pertaining to ICRA in the past 5 years but all of them seemed like we were learning the bare necessities. I must admit, I did not feel that way in your course!  The information was well prepared and Mr. Jenkins and yourself presented the materials in manner in which we could understand. Very professional.

I enjoyed the format in which we were allowed to spend as much time on a subject as needed so everyone understood exactly what we were learning. I feel that I walked away from the course not only learning more vital information and procedures, but also made some new friends.


I enjoyed the open conversations we were allowed to have and participate in and how we could ask questions and learn from each other!!! 


I would highly recommend your course to all DKI members! Or anyone for that matter. Todd and I both have a greater knowledge base in which to work from and to teach to our teams.


I want to thank you both again for providing us the setting and materials in which we can better ourselves as contractors and individuals with a greater understanding in Infection Control Risk Assessment.


Mike Stevens, 

Sr Project Manager

Cousino Medical Services