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What the Construction/Restoration Industry Needs to Know About Infection Control Risk Assessments

For contractors to perform repairs, renovations, construction work, and/or emergency response within hospital healthcare facilities, it’s crucial that they are equipped with the proper training, knowledge, and understanding of the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures. Workers must have the resources and the ability to provide a plan with proper containment, validation, and documentation that meets or exceeds ICRA requirements.

ICRA is an essential part of any controlled removal of building materials or construction project within hospital healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, not all workers have the knowledge or the proper training and understanding of the importance of infection control during a project. Hospital construction/restoration differs from regular construction as there is added risk involved for patients and staff members. Not only is training necessary for building and growing a business that focuses on healthcare facilities, but workers must have the right equipment and tools to get the job done effectively and safely.

As an owner, you are responsible to ensure that your team is properly trained and that all precautions are being taken during your activity as part of the job. When it comes to containment and infection control, there are lives on the line and it must be taken seriously by your workers.

Studies have shown that liberated dust, spores, and dangerous pathogens in hospitals are one of the leading causes of infections, and can result in extended hospital stays and death. Containment is essential to infection control and maintaining a safe construction site while working within a healthcare facility. Every crew member must go into the project with the understanding that failure to establish and maintain appropriate containment will be dangerous to patients and staff members.

Understanding the ICRA tool can broaden a crew’s understanding of the importance of infection control and the use of containment systems and technology. Workers must be able to:

  • Understand the risk level of a work site or activity.

  • Isolate a high high-risk site with appropriate negative pressure containment and access control.

  • Properly clean/decontaminate the work site and containment upon completion.

With this demand on workers, it’s vital to have a containment system for infection control that deploys quickly, meets ICRA standards, is durable, aesthetically pleasing, easily cleanable, and isolates the impacted environment. The STARC temporary wall system provides workers with a containment system that is designed for industrial construction settings. It’s safe, reusable, can be made airtight, washable, and serves as the ideal containment solution. The system is highly praised and deployed in hospitals nationwide.

The STARC panels are specifically designed for projects that require construction containment. Whether it’s you’re repairing a healthcare facilitiesfacility, office space, residential, or public space, you have the system you need to get to work.

With the proper training and right tools maintaining a healthy work site that minimizes risks to the public, patients, and staff, you can confidently complete the work your company was hired to do.